It’s true, you really don’t need to raise your vibration. I know
it’s contrary to what you may have been taught in the metaphysical
community, but it may actually be impeding your spiritual development.
The only thing that separates you from enlightenment is awareness.

In this awareness you discover all of who you are, and how vast you
are. This awareness can begin to unfold in you over time, or it may
unfold very quickly, and radically alter your reality.

You may
think that you need to raise your vibration in order for this to take
place, but what if it was causing you to suffer unnecessarily?

Oftentimes what happens is that you suppress your shadow self because
you’re supposed to be in the light, love, and kindness. It may be that
you feel like a total a-hole that day, but you’ve pushed it down because
you’re supposed to be loving.

Just allow yourself to experience who you are in that moment. Experience the emotions of who you are in that moment.

How is this impacting you and your spiritual development?

It causes an internal friction, and you are literally caught between
two worlds: what is actually taking place within the body and mind, and
what you want to take place within the body and mind. Willing away what
is by sheer determination has worked for some people, and it may work
for you at times as well.

But it’s like you’re stepping out of
the reality that you used to be in, because that was a low vibration,
and putting yourself into a different box. It’s still a box.

if the way to enlightenment were to just let what is be? As an
expression of God there really is no place to go. It’s all perfect
exactly the way it is right now. It’s simply awareness to what is, and
how it’s expressing, that can shift how you experience this reality.

It’s like you were on the movie screen before and had that point of
orientation there, and then that shifts, and you have the realization or
awareness the you are in fact the projector, and you’re projecting this
experience of you onto the screen.

You then have a dual experience of knowing much more of yourself, while having the experience in the physical body.

The story of “you” no longer dictates what you do, and you release
living out of re-activity, falling into alignment with your spiritual

Ask yourself, why would an expression of all that is need to raise it’s vibration?

It may be that along your path your vibration does raise, but just know
that it’s not necessary. You can become aware of all that you are at
any moment.

Enjoy being you exactly as you are at this very present moment.

Have an awesome day!!!



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