Receiving abundance is a slippery slope for many people. The universe, or God wants abundance to flow to you freely, but we have to be willing to receive the abundance being brought to us.

Let’s define abundance for ease of understanding. Abundance is the flow of, and expression of our divine nature seeking to bring balance to our life streams, and our physical experience. When we have an experience here in the physical plane, we have a continuum of experiences, which range from a perception of lack of abundance, to a perception of having abundance.

A common way that this is perceived is by way of money. When we don’t have money we perceive a lack of abundance, and when we have money we perceive having abundance, and both are with attachment of meaning.

Money is simply the flow of energy that we can receive into our experience, and we can have a balanced experience with receiving money, by shifting our awareness of it and what it really is, and releasing our attachment to it.

Let’s take food as an example. Many of us have full refrigerators most of the time, and we will go to the market when we are running low on food and receive more. We have a more balanced flow of receiving the abundance of food because it’s always there when we want it.

When we run low, we go and get more, we receive more. We don’t put so much meaning on our refrigerator having less food in it, we simply go get more, fill up the refrigerator, and release the experience, and make a nice sandwich.

Money is no different than the food in your refrigerator. There is an abundance of money, just like there is an abundance of food. It’s true that you used money to purchase the food, but it is your attachment to the experience that was different.

When we are attached to lack of money, or the abundance of money, it creates an imbalance in the flow of abundance.

As you release attachment it frees you up to receive the balance of true abundance. True abundance has many forms and it seeks to find you each and every moment. Money is simply an expression of the divine, and is trying to find it’s way to you right now, as a useful tool, to bring balance to you, to support you.

Are you willing to release attachment, to bring balance into your life now?

How would things be different for you?

Simply become aware of how you are assigning meaning to a lack of, or plethora of abundance in your life. When you become aware, release the attachment so that you can really receive. This allows you to take aligned action, without attachment, to receive all of the gifts that are waiting for you!

Another way that abundance is blocked from us is if we have negative core beliefs about money. This impedes the flow of money from coming to us easily.

If you were ever taught that people with money were greedy or evil, you many have developed a core belief, at a subconscious level, that people with money are “bad”.

This acts as an invisible repellent to receiving money, and you may become frustrated because money never seems to find it’s way to you in the way that you want it to.

These core beliefs about money can also be very subtle and sabotage your efforts. If you’ve grown up without having much, you may have lack based core beliefs that affect receiving abundance.

So the secret to receiving abundance is to work out your core beliefs about money, and release your attachment to it.

If you’re looking for help in releasing your blocks to abundance, click the link below to book in a call to discover how you can release your money blocks.

Have an abundant day!



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