Selling with Soul! Taking the “Slime” out of Sales. 

Banish lack of confidence & low self-worth, self-doubts, insecurity, and limiting money beliefs!


Self Mastery = Sales Mastery = Business Mastery = $$$

It’s time to master your inner game and create new beliefs about money, so you can break through your income ceiling.


Are you a high achieving entrepreneur who’s achieved SUCCESS, but on the inside you WANT more CONFIDENCE?


Have you ever felt slimey or sales-y when having a sales conversation, and you want to close more sales?


Are you READY to get off the income roller coaster
and create consistent cash flow, or take your income goals to the next level?

I would love to connect with you so that we can talk for 30 smoking hot minutes, so you can get crystal clear about what you want, discover the path to sales mastery and self-mastery, so you can crush it in your life, career, and business. 

Keep reading to see how you can get one of these limited spots.

The GOAL of this “Conscious & Confident ” Strategy Session will be to map out the exact next steps you need to generate consistent sales and cash flow and gain confidence so you can BANISH not feeling good enough, become more visible, and take your life, career, or  business to the next level.

I’m ONLY offering this to people who are 100% committed to showing up for yourself, and to the session.

You must fit the following criteria to be eligible. Just say yes to the following to qualify:

1) Are you fully committed to stop thinking about changing and actually taking the action steps to create change?

2) Are you ready to do inner work and release your blocks so you can make more money?

3) Are you ready to finally release fear, worry, lack of confidence, self-sabotage, and the voice in your head that tells you that you’re not good enough?

4) Do you want to identify where you’re stuck in your business, and identify exactly what you want, so you can create a plan to achieve your goals?

5) Are you genuinely interested in having me coach you (don’t worry, I’m direct, but really nice)?


Let’s talk about working together to create the life, career, and business you want. 

The purpose of the strategy session is to help you get crystal clear on what’s holding you back, and get laser focused on what you truly want. If we’re a good fit to work together, I will let you know how you can move forward in partnership with me.

If you fit this criteria, then CONGRATS! You are eligible to receive a Conscious & Confident strategy session, to change your inner game, and create the life, career, and business you want.

During your Selling With Soul Strategy Session we will get laser focused!

You will learn the path to:


  • What’s stopping you from being the very best version of yourself and what you can do about it.
  • What’s blocking you from making more money in your business.
  • The one step you can take NOW to start seeing a change


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