Do you want to achieve wealth and prosperity, but selling feels out of alignment for you?


Are you ready to overcome your fears, & feel worthy & confident to make more sales?


Sales is a confidence game, and all roads lead to sales in your business.


Along with your skill set, this is what allows you to close more sales.


My name is Amunet J. Burgueno, and sales used to make me want to barf!


I felt so uncomfortable reaching out to people, being visible, and saying my prices.


I thought “who am I to be doing this?” or “who will pay me that much money when there are other people out there doing what I do.”


I felt so slimy and sales-y during my sales conversations, and it just wasn’t what I envisioned for myself, because I started my business so I could help people, but sales just felt weird.


At first everything was great in the sales conversation. I would connect with people easily and we would be having a great conversation, until it came time for me to say my prices, gulp!


I would shrink back energetically, anxiety would set in, and I would barely say my prices,

if I made the offer at all!  


Thankfully, I have increased my confidence, and now sales conversations are one of my favorite things, because it means I get to help someone!


We all have subconscious beliefs about money. Do you know what your subconscious money beliefs are?


Until you do, those beliefs will run you on autopilot, and bring you the same results that you’ve gotten before.


I had hidden beliefs that were directly affecting my ability to recieve money.


I had to do deep inner work to resolve my money blocks, so I could create new helpful beliefs about money.


To sell with soul, you need to clear unhelpful subconscious beliefs, connect with your spiritual essence, increase your confidence, and master your sales skill set.


Do you want some help? Let’s get to the bottom of why you’re stuck, so you can close more sales and make more money, and discover the one thing you can do now to move in the right direction.



Sales coach, Cash injection coach, Business coach, Accountability coach, Master hypnotist, HypnoCoach®, Reiki Master,& creator of Cosmic Alchemy™ energy healing.


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